Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Staff Member of the Month - Miss Wildermuth

Please join us in congratulating Miss Nicole Wildermuth on being named Staff Member of the Month for October here at JTHS! Miss Wildermuth is our Transition Coordinator responsible for working with our students in the 18-21 transition program. She has a unique gift for successfully motivating and challenging our students in the program, while maintaining empathetic relationships. Miss Wildermuth also serves as an advisor to PDP and a Unified Track Coach. Her ability to work with all students in a multitude of settings makes her a valuable member of the Falcon Family.

"Nicole is a total team player, always positive, great communicator with her colleagues, and such a pleasure to work with." 

"Nicole is amazing with the 18-21 program! Life skills, integrating the students into jobs, bringing a little joy to their lives (and ours!) with the programs she provides for them! She is also great with students who work with her in PDP and as Unified Track buddies!"

"You can always count on Nicole to pitch in or help out." 

"She comes to see me at work, and I love it."

"She prints out pictures for me, and she's very nice and kind." 

"She's my favorite track coach. In track she helped me find a partner." 

"She's a good person to you." 

Miss Wildermuth will keep the Falcon statue in her office by Child Study Team the entire month. Swing by and congratulate her on this great honor!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Staff Member of the Month - Mr. Barbato

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Stephen Barbato on being named Staff Member of the Month for September here at JTHS! Mr. Barbato is a member of the English Department and an avid movie fan. Mr. Barbato is always full of energy and spunk in the classroom. He teaches our Film Studies course with great passion!

Here’s just a few things the Falcon Family has to say about Mr. Barbato:

"He always tries to put himself in our shoes when he's teaching us. He always tries to relate to us." 

"Mr. Barbato connects with his students in an amazing way." 

"His teaching style is good for me. He's kind and takes his time with you." 

"He's really good at getting his point across in a lesson. He's very easy to understand. He's so down to earth and easy to talk to." 

"Mr. Barbato really puts students at the center of learning."

"It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Steve." 

"Mr. Barbato is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and students." 

"He is there to help colleagues in need. He's always willing to support." 
Mr. Barbato will keep the falcon statue for the entire month. Congrats to you, Mr. B.!

September Staff Member of the Month!

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