Thursday, December 3, 2020

Staff Member of the Month - Mrs. Vandigriff

Please join us in congratulating Teacher of English Mrs. Patty Vandigriff on being named Staff Member of the Month for November here at JTHS. Mrs. Vandigriff has been a member of the Falcon Family for 20 years, primarily working with freshmen students! She is a seasoned debate coach and is always such a merchant of hope and positivity.

Here's what the staff has to say about Patty:

"Patty always brings a smile wherever she goes, and her students always feel loved and supported." 

"Patty went out of her way to assist the faculty in organizing their Realtime gradebooks by cohort to streamline the process." 

One of Mrs. Vandigriff's students said this about her: "Mrs. Vandigriff is one of the most empathetic, patient, and kind-hearted teachers at the high school. We appreciate all of the work you do for your students, staff members, and the debate team. Thank you for being an awesome teacher and congrats on receiving Staff Member of the Month!"

Mrs. Vandigriff is a true model for treating students with empathy and compassion, which is more important than ever right now. Patty will keep the Falcon statue for the whole month and will have a premier parking spot when we return. We're so proud of you, Patty!

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