Thursday, December 3, 2020

Staff Member of the Month - Mrs. Vandigriff

Please join us in congratulating Teacher of English Mrs. Patty Vandigriff on being named Staff Member of the Month for November here at JTHS. Mrs. Vandigriff has been a member of the Falcon Family for 20 years, primarily working with freshmen students! She is a seasoned debate coach and is always such a merchant of hope and positivity.

Here's what the staff has to say about Patty:

"Patty always brings a smile wherever she goes, and her students always feel loved and supported." 

"Patty went out of her way to assist the faculty in organizing their Realtime gradebooks by cohort to streamline the process." 

One of Mrs. Vandigriff's students said this about her: "Mrs. Vandigriff is one of the most empathetic, patient, and kind-hearted teachers at the high school. We appreciate all of the work you do for your students, staff members, and the debate team. Thank you for being an awesome teacher and congrats on receiving Staff Member of the Month!"

Mrs. Vandigriff is a true model for treating students with empathy and compassion, which is more important than ever right now. Patty will keep the Falcon statue for the whole month and will have a premier parking spot when we return. We're so proud of you, Patty!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Staff Member of the Month - Mr. Santos

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Alex Santos of Technical Support on being named Staff Member of the Month for October here at JTHS. Mr. Santos has been a member of the Falcon Family for 15 years! He has worked at all the schools, and Mr. Santos has been essential to our students as he is ALWAYS willing to do whatever it takes to fix their technology issues. He makes such an impact on our kids that our high schoolers remember him from elementary school. Our staff also really enjoys working with Mr. Santos!

Here's what the staff has to say about Alex:

"He's just always willing to help. I know if one of my students or I have an issue, I can call on him to fix it."
"Alex is never too busy to work with me on a technology issue or share a tip or trick. He knows so much about fixing our technology but also about different programs too." 

"He's just a nice guy. Whenever he's helping, he's truly interested in solving the problem and doesn't get frustrated. He really cares about the kids and the teachers here." 

"He's a kind and friendly person!" 

Mr. Santos is such an important part of our school community, and we thank him for his commitment to providing technology support for all of us! Alex will keep the Falcon statue for the whole month and will have a premier parking spot. Stop by the back of the media center and say "congratulations" when you get a chance!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Staff Member of the Month - Mr. Stager

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Bill Stager, Teacher of Mathematics, on being named Staff Member of the Month for September here at JTHS. In his words, Mr. Stager has been at the high school for 20(something) years. He has taught all levels of math and finds the teaching profession "swell." Bill also coaches varsity football and has had a tremendous impact on so many students throughout the years.

Here's what the staff has to say about Mr. Stager:

"Bill Stager deserves the Falcon this month for helping all the teachers in the middle and high school kick off the virtual environment."
"He provided a shortcut from Realtime to Google Classroom, which was not obvious and saved everyone a great deal of time." 

"Bill has been the shining star for the math department for the last 20 years." 

Bill will keep the Falcon the entire month of October and will also have premier parking right in the front of the high school. In the words of the colleague who nominated him, "Let's show Bill some love!!!" 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Staff Member of the Month - Ms. Robinson

 Please join us in congratulating Ms. Amy Robinson, Student Assistance Counselor, on being named Staff Member of the Month for February here at JTHS. Ms. Robinson is in her first year as the JTHS SAC, and she is doing a wonderful job. Prior to her position at the high school, Amy worked at Daytop and High Focus. Since arriving at JTHS, she has taken an active role working with the JT Municipal Alliance, Students Against Destructive Decisions, and providing support for our students' mental health and substance abuse needs.

Here's what the staff and students have to say about Ms. Robinson:

Amy works beautifully with her students individually and also meets with small groups to help students transition into our school community. 

For any teachers or staff members who have not yet met or worked with Amy, I think they will be very pleasantly surprised by her professionalism and warm disposition!!!

She makes students instantly feel comfortable and they trust her and open up about some very sensitive topics. Amy has taken the initiative to meet independently with students on a consistent basis and has implemented multiple counseling groups to address the needs of our students. 

Amy is willing to help in any way she can and always keeps a calm demeanor. I know I can rely on her and enjoy collaborating with her to provide services that better support our students. 

As our new SAC, Amy has jumped right into her position to make a difference with the student population. 

She puts a perspective that I don't see when I talk to her. When I talk to her, she asks questions that make me think. 

She listens to me and then proposes things to fix problems. She's good at helping me make lists of things to accomplish. 

Ms. Robinson is such a nice person. She's easy to talk to and that's so important for me.

Ms. Robinson will keep the Falcon statue for the month of March. If you haven't had a chance to meet her yet, stop down to the Counseling Department to say "hello" and congratulate her! 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Staff Member of the Month - Ms. Hartig

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Tanya Hartig on being named Staff Member of the Month for December here at JTHS. Ms. Hartig joined us from the middle school a few years ago and works mostly with freshmen students. She has a unique way of supporting all learners and builds solid connections with her students. Most recently, Ms. Hartig organized the holiday toy drive for JTHS students in need; she coordinated donations, wrapped gifts, and delivered them to school counselors.

Here's what the staff and students have to say about Ms. Hartig:

Ms. Hartig always gives a friendly smile in the hallways. 

Tanya has helped me to become a better teacher. Her willingness to listen and help does not go unnoticed. Tanya works with colleagues to support students in whatever capacity they need. 

Tanya is an incredible teacher who provides support and empathy to students and her fellow staff members. She always has a genuinely happy smile on her face and her presence always improves the room she is in!

She's a really good teacher and a genuinely nice person.

If we need help, Ms. Hartig is always willing to give it. She's really good at explaining things.

I understand her teaching very well, and she's a great listener. 

Ms. Hartig will keep the Falcon for the month of January. We are so appreciative of all you do for us here, Tanya!

Staff Member of the Month - Mr. Nicholas

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Jason Nicholas on being named Staff Member of the Month for November here at JTHS. Mr. Nicholas joined us as part of the Technology Education Department last year. An architect by trade, he has truly embraced the teaching role as he has become a mentor to many students. Mr. Nicholas teaches ACE Skills, Architecture, Academy Engineering, and CAD; each class provides our students with a unique hands-on experience.

Here's what the staff and students have to say about Mr. Nicholas:

Jason always incorporates students' observations and thoughts into his lessons. He plans interesting lessons that have students doing research and forming opinions and their own style, which engages the students in their projects. 

Jason is always willing to help, share resources, and ideas. I often pass ideas by him to get his opinion on activities that I have planned. His collaboration enables me to be a better teacher.

I can relate to what he's teaching, and he's always there to offer support in any way that he can. 

He's a very kind and funny person.

Mr. Nicholas has always guided me with his positive outlook. He also gives great advice!

He always has a lot of energy. He's willing to learn more about robotics from the students, which is cool. 

Mr. Nicholas is very helpful and takes the time to help you understand something if you don't understand already.

Mr. Nicholas will keep the Falcon statue the entire month. Congratulations, Jason!

September Staff Member of the Month!

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