Thursday, January 9, 2020

Staff Member of the Month - Ms. Hartig

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Tanya Hartig on being named Staff Member of the Month for December here at JTHS. Ms. Hartig joined us from the middle school a few years ago and works mostly with freshmen students. She has a unique way of supporting all learners and builds solid connections with her students. Most recently, Ms. Hartig organized the holiday toy drive for JTHS students in need; she coordinated donations, wrapped gifts, and delivered them to school counselors.

Here's what the staff and students have to say about Ms. Hartig:

Ms. Hartig always gives a friendly smile in the hallways. 

Tanya has helped me to become a better teacher. Her willingness to listen and help does not go unnoticed. Tanya works with colleagues to support students in whatever capacity they need. 

Tanya is an incredible teacher who provides support and empathy to students and her fellow staff members. She always has a genuinely happy smile on her face and her presence always improves the room she is in!

She's a really good teacher and a genuinely nice person.

If we need help, Ms. Hartig is always willing to give it. She's really good at explaining things.

I understand her teaching very well, and she's a great listener. 

Ms. Hartig will keep the Falcon for the month of January. We are so appreciative of all you do for us here, Tanya!

Staff Member of the Month - Mr. Nicholas

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Jason Nicholas on being named Staff Member of the Month for November here at JTHS. Mr. Nicholas joined us as part of the Technology Education Department last year. An architect by trade, he has truly embraced the teaching role as he has become a mentor to many students. Mr. Nicholas teaches ACE Skills, Architecture, Academy Engineering, and CAD; each class provides our students with a unique hands-on experience.

Here's what the staff and students have to say about Mr. Nicholas:

Jason always incorporates students' observations and thoughts into his lessons. He plans interesting lessons that have students doing research and forming opinions and their own style, which engages the students in their projects. 

Jason is always willing to help, share resources, and ideas. I often pass ideas by him to get his opinion on activities that I have planned. His collaboration enables me to be a better teacher.

I can relate to what he's teaching, and he's always there to offer support in any way that he can. 

He's a very kind and funny person.

Mr. Nicholas has always guided me with his positive outlook. He also gives great advice!

He always has a lot of energy. He's willing to learn more about robotics from the students, which is cool. 

Mr. Nicholas is very helpful and takes the time to help you understand something if you don't understand already.

Mr. Nicholas will keep the Falcon statue the entire month. Congratulations, Jason!

September Staff Member of the Month!

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