Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Staff Member of the Month - Mrs. Paccioretti

Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Virginia Paccioretti on being named Staff Member of the Month for January here at JTHS. Ginny is a paraprofessional working with Ashley Dispenziere's classes and has been in the district for 22 years.  She is kind, caring, and compassionate, and we truly appreciate how supportive she is to our students. She's super friendly, too!

Here's what the staff has to say about Ginny:

"Mrs. Paccioretti is a hands-on and caring staff member. She works well beyond her hours to provide classroom support and make all activities, such as Jefferson Java, possible! Her bright smile and great sense of humor never go unnoticed by the students and staff in the building! We are so lucky to have her!"  

"Love Miss Ginny! She is always so friendly -  miss her smiling face because we have no Jefferon Java right now - cannot wait to see her and the kids back soon :)"

Here's what her students have to say about Mrs. Paccioretti:

“She is awesome!”

“She is Great!!!”

“She is a good aide!”

“She helps me get my work done” 

“We like her so much!”

Thanks to Mr. Paccioretti for sending us the photo of Ginny with the Falcon. Mrs. Paccioretti will keep the Falcon for the whole month and park in a priority spot when we return to hybrid learning. Stop by D9 and say "congratulations!" Great job, Mrs. P.!

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